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Who Is Nivon?

We’re Here to Help

Nivon Wellness Center, LLC, was started by Nicole and Von-Shan Billingsley (Hence the name Ni-Von). They found recovery years ago and is excited to give back to the community by helping individuals and families find hope and joy as they have since finding a new way to live.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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CEO/ Treatment Director/ Psychotherapist

Nicole Billingsley is CEO and treatment director. Nicole has experience working with adolescents and adults and has a range of clinical skills. She is a Doctor of Behavioral Health, is licensed by the State of Minnesota as an alcohol and drug counselor, and an independent clinical social worker. She is also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Nicole is trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), which is an evidence based therapeutic intervention to help clients recover from the effects of trauma and other issues. She is passionate about helping clients heal from the effects of trauma as well as mental health and substance use disorders.

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Clinical Supervisor

Angelina is our clinical supervisor and oversees the clinical staff. She started with us as a lead counselor in our women's outpatient with lodging program. She believes everyone deserves respect and empathy at any part in their recovery journey. We are excited to have her on the team and help the clients achieve their recovery goals.

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Administrative Director

Robin has done administrative support for medical professionals for the last 16 years. She also has previously worked at an adolescent treatment center. She has a special interest in mental health, substance use disorder, and treatment which she feels often go hand in hand. She is also a person in long-term recovery. Helping others better themselves with respect, encouragement, and without judgement is important to her. We all have to start or restart somewhere.

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Housing Supervisor

T is our housing supervisor and oversees all aspects in our high intensity outpatient with lodging program.

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Lead Counselor - Men's High Intensity Outpatient

Jake is the counselor serving both our Intensive-Outpatient and Aftercare programs at our Cottage Grove site. He graduated with his Bachelors of Science in Alcohol and Drug Counseling from Metropolitan State University and is licensed by the state of Minnesota as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Prior to coming over to Nivon Wellness Center, he spent 6 years working in the High-Intensity Residential MICD setting focusing much of his efforts on helping clients successfully transition from jails, prisons, and other institutions back into the community, and providing them with the necessary tools to lead healthy and productive lifestyles. Jake believes in taking a client-centered approach with the individuals he works with, focusing heavily on the therapeutic alliance he forms with his clients and utilizing this alliance as a way to promote personal-growth and have his clientele reach their full potential.

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Lead Counselor - Men's Native American High Intensity Outpatient

Mekenock Bellecourt is a primary counselor in our Native American outpatient with lodging program. He graduated Minneapolis College, majoring in addiction counseling with a minor in America Indian studies. He is an enrolled member of the Wampanoag tribe of Aquinniah, on Martha’s Vineyard island, he has volunteered his time serving homeless individuals needs as it pertains to substance use disorder.  He has worked to divert youth from gangs , and believes in meeting the client where they are and helping them from their point of view. Mekenock grew up in Rice Lake area, on the White Indian Reservation. He now looks to help native populations and other people in despair.

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Lead Counselor, LGBTQIA+ High Intensity Outpatient

Cash has been a substance abuse counselor for 17 years.  They have experience working in residential care, day treatment, and intensive outpatient treatment.  They've workded with various populations, including women, men, LGBTQ+ clients, and clients addicted to opioids.  Cash works from a person centered and trauma integrated approach.  They value creating a safe interpersonal space where they can help a client better understand why they're over using substances and develop a more compassionate understanding of themselves, while helping them learn and practice new coping skills.

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Lead Counselor - Women's High Intensity Outpatient

Brittney is a primary counselor in our women’s high intensity outpatient program in St. Paul. She is a graduate from Minnesota State University, Mankato with a Bachelor’s degree in Alcohol and Drug Studies and Community Health Education. Brittney is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) who empowers clients through a non-judgmental and empathic approach. She emphasizes the importance of creating a strong therapeutic relationship. Her goal is to provide evidence-based, person-centered care to underserved populations through equality. Brittney is looking forward to expanding her knowledge of health disparities that affect our communities and improving the quality of life for future generations.

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Lead Counselor - Evening Intensive Outpatient

Thadious is a lead counselor of one of our men's high intensity outpatient with lodging programs. 
He attended Minneapolis Community Technical College, earning an Associates of Science Degree in Alcohol and Drug counseling. He is currently enrolled at Metro State University pursuing his Bachelor's Degree in Alcohol and Drug Counseling. He has worked in the recovery community in various roles for the past 3 years, most recently as a counselor in Medication Assisted Treatment. He is passionate about working with people with substance abuse disorders and criminal justice system adherence struggles. He believes in a client centered approach, understanding the many different barriers clients may face in their recovery effort. He is excited to join the Nivon Wellness team providing services that encompasses the wholeness of the people served.

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Primary Counselor - Native American Women's Intensity Outpatient

Precious Watson is a primary counselor of one of our men's high intensity outpatient with lodging programs. She graduated from Minnesota State University Mankato in 2013 with a degree in Alcohol and Drug Studies and Corrections. After graduating from College she finished her internship. Precious has a passion to help individuals get to the next level in their lives, while promoting them to show their highest potential. 

Ms. Watson has 10 years of experience as a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She has also worked in the Human Resources Industry. Precious is skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Crisis Intervention, Case Management, Public Speaking and Leadership. She  is determined to serve underrepresented populations in the addictions field.

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Primary Counselor - LGBTQIA+ High Intensity Outpatient with Lodging

Haley is a primary counselor in our LGBTQIA+ High Intensity Outpatient with Lodging program. She graduated from Metro State with a  Bachelor- LADC. She is empathetic and passionate about advocating for others who need support. I am interested in learning new things and changing societal norms. Haley believes every person is an individual, has a heart and deserves to be happy and heard. One of her goals is to help improve the lives of the people she encounters.

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Primary Counselor- LGBTQIA+ High Intensity Outpatient with Lodging

Samantha is a primary counselor in our  LGBTQIA+ High Intensity Outpatient with Lodging program. Her journey in the field began long ago within a different capacity. At this time, She has  approximately 4 years of clinical experience. She is passionate and committed to providing individualized care, supporting individuals through life's challenges and guiding them towards a transformed way of living. She is a firm believer in meeting people where they are at, ensuring each person's unique needs are met with compassion and understanding.

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Primary Counselor- Native American High Intensity Outpatient

Amanda Is a primary cousnelor in our high intensity outpatient with lodging program.

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Peer Recovery Specialist

Kris is our peer recovery specialist.

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Angel is one of our psychotherapists. Angel received her master’s degree in Counseling and Psychological Services from St. Mary’s University -Twin Cities. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with a concentration on substance use disorders.
Angel is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor and working toward becoming a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. Since 2014, Angel has worked in a variety of MICD treatment settings and mental health clinics.
Angel works through a person-centered approach, which means she values the therapeutic relationship and takes a gentle approach as she walks through and helps process the challenges in the client’s life.

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Joan is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) and has worked with individuals, families and couples.  She is trained in Adlerian Psychotherapy and has extensive experience in working individuals with addictions, mood disorders, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, grief and loss, as well as, individuals with serious and persistent mental illnesses. 
Joan’s approach combines therapy focused on change in the “here and now”, trauma-informed, along with explored patterns of behavior developed in early experiences. Joan helps clients address symptoms and problems that interfere with life and create distress. She also assists clients in gaining more insight into themselves. 
Joan’s style is interactive, intuitive, personable, open and empathetic. Joan is a graduate of the Adler Graduate School with a Master’s Degree in Adlerian Counseling and Psychotherapy, with an emphasis in co-occurring disorders. Prior to that she worked as a licensed social worker where she worked in areas of developmental disabilities, child protection, chemical dependency and mental illness.  In addition, she is certified in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) for the treatment of trauma.  Joan has had training in hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness.  She is also a military veteran and has experience in working with Veterans and their families.

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Heather graduated from University of Saint Thomas with a master's degree in clinical social work and is  a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW). She has years of experience working with adults that have co-occurring mental health and substance use concerns, and a passion for working with LGBTQIA2S and HIV positive clients. Heather believes that every client has the ability to change and reclaim their power. She is a strong advocate for gender and sexuality affirmation. She believes in the power of body positivity and learning to love yourself and the body that you live in. She has been described as out-going, creative, unique and adaptive to change. Her style of therapy is warm, friendly, affirming and empathetic. Heather’s experience working with diverse populations helps to guide her practice and to look at each client from a unique perspective. She has been trained in EMDR, ACT, DBT, CBT, mindfulness, meditation, somatic processing and holistic practices.

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Abigail is an intern working on her practicum towards her LADC and LPCC though St. Mary's University.

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